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Trust Your Life with Max Wellspring
Max Wellspring, Transformational Coach

Trust Your Life with Max Wellspring

The Trust Your Life Gatherings

3 choices for joining the Trust Your Life Teleclass Gathering

Do you trust your life…do you really trust it in your heart of hearts???

What some people are experiencing in their life right now is activating their biggest fears. I’m hearing about it in my coaching practice and in discussions with family, friends and even colleagues. I realized that anyone who is feeling this way is at a choice point. ��You can take one of two trajectories.� You can either create your life experience out of fear, confusion or frustration…or you can co-creatively have life experiences based on hope, possibility, connection and a deep trust-filled knowing that it will all work out.�

To navigate these trajectories, you have two options:

  1. Option one: You take a default position of doing nothing feeling victimized by the circumstances of the world.� Or another aspect of option one is that you try to make something happen all by yourself often expending a lot of effort and feeling like a lone ranger.
  2. Option two: You can choose to let me help you.

In fact, the “Trust Tribe” - as we have come to call ourselves - has been meeting on a regular basis for our first month of gatherings and we’re already experiencing practical breakthroughs, a sense of hopeful expectancy and peace of mind.

This is how you too can be supported:��

Join me for the Trust Your Life Gatherings which have been conceived as an alchemical "cauldron" or sacred space - if you will - that is designed to provide a month of group support for the price of one session with me.� The focus will be to assist you in truly knowing that you are not alone and that you have resources for creating a life that is filled with blessings.� My promise to you:� because we are doing this as a group, this will be powerful, simple, deep and an adventure.� The intimacy of the intentional mini-community ensures the fun factor :)

What's in it for you?� In one word…relief !!��

To build your "trust muscle",� you will be held in a "container" that is safe. Supported by the group energy, you can surrender the prolonged heavy energy of feeling stuck and doing this on your own.� You will be heard, we will learn from each other (I call this "spiritual economy"), and you will learn to manage your energy masterfully to create what you want.� Heart-centered, soul-guided inspiration will be provided to invoke openness, curiosity, honesty, discernment, and telling the truth…most importantly to yourself.� For joy in action, you will be encouraged to commit to a uniquely designed daily practice for you that connects you to your deepest knowing.� You will be invited to show up for yourself and let go of any temptation to hide or stay small.� Along with gratitude and appreciation, you will be guided to truly let your good land for you and celebrate life in all its aspects…no matter what.

It was a great involvement and I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your co-workers for your tremendous input into making this convention the victory that it definitely has been.

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Still wondering if this is for you?� Then consider the following:�

This support group is NOT for:

  • People who are looking for the quick fix.�
    We are a culture that wants instant gratification, but the transformational process that leads to embodying trust can sometimes be messy and is always a journey.� Lately I have been having in-depth discussions with colleagues about the fact that coaching support that only offers systems, strategies, techniques, tools or a certain amount of steps to a promised solution aren't delivering and they aren't sustainable.� That said, systems, strategies, techniques, and tools can be valuable but in the context of a paradigm shift.� Paradigm shifts in your thinking, in the way you manage your energy and the way you ultimately integrate into your life what resonates for you takes time and focus.� Embodying a paradigm shift means you are not the same person you were before this new way of BEing came alive in you.� The key is to enjoy the journey of that embodiment.
  • People who still feel the right job, the right love interest, the perfect body, better friends, having money, etc is the whole key to their happiness.�
    Going for the external solution is a band-aid approach to not trusting your life.� The good news is that when you realize that your solution is an inside / out endeavor, you become empowered in a sustainable way. �Anchoring yourself in that knowing will actually result in material blessings as well as deep life satisfaction.
  • People who think they already know all this. �
    If you think you already know all this you have pinched off the willingness necessary to have an open heart and mind. �Authentic humility is required. �A willingness to embrace "beginner's mind" is helpful.� �Even people who have been on a conscious path for years more than ever treasure the value of staying open and diving deeper for insight and support.� I love this quote from Dr Richard Bartlett founder of Matrix Energetics…“trying to fit new knowledge into what you already think you know is not the best way to make a paradigmatic shift.� I always assume that I don't really "know" anything which opens me to pay attention to what I might learn in the next moment.”
  • People who in any way – even subconsciously – think this is "woo-woo".�
    In fact, at the heart of these gatherings is my intention that we are walking "the conscious path with practical feet". �I am not interested in anything that isn't imminently practical.� It is not enough to just intellectually have an understanding of what it means to trust.� To truly live a life with trust means embodying a deep knowing that all is well and that you have the perspective and the tools to stay the course of that knowing no matter what (even when you are challenged).

This support group is a perfect fit for:

  • People willing to show up for themselves knowing the only way out is through.� For some folks, the challenges have ranged from mildly frustrating to huge concerns like cash flow, health issues, relationship breakdowns, business career worries or a crisis of faith around self confidence. �What I have learned is this: �it can be eye opening to discover that what you had considered a challenge is actually a portal to deeper understanding.� Granted it takes courage, but as you unhook from the stories that would keep you feeling diminished or disconnected, profound insights emerge and you will find freedom.� Challenges can be a call to excellence.
  • People who haven't given up and trust that with co-creative support they can heal their life.� In fact, as the teaching axiom states…you are the one you have been waiting for. �With support, you have an opportunity to explore the promise that life is to be savored.� There is relief in realizing that it's an inside job and not dependent upon some uncontrollable external solution.� Also, support like this is not geared to "fixing" you.� You are not broken.� With guidance, you remember your wholeness.� It is a process of self realization and in a very real way you were born to embody that you are already whole and complete.
  • People who have a sense that being on track with their life purpose is alignment with
    global well being.�
    Healing yourself truly does heal the world and this circulates back to bless your life.� Your dreams realized serves a larger vision of a world that works for everyone.
  • People who have wanted to work with me on a one-on-one basis — but, for a variety of reasons, it has not been right timing.� Because of my commitment to a world that works for everyone, these Trust Your Life gatherings were uniquely created for you. �This is partnership in action.� The group gatherings are designed to provide a month of group support for the price of one session with me.�� More importantly, they're designed so that you would have direct experiential evidence that the Universe has your back.� In other words, as the saying goes, "when two or more are gathered together" the potential for exponential value is increased."� We are in this together and what we are up to in these groups is anchoring the consciousness and the experience of predictable miracles.� ��In and of itself, joining this group experience is your first step on the journey of trusting your life.

These are the logistics for the ongoing transformational Trust Your Life gatherings:

Dates and Times:

Class Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Half-hour Follow-up Calls:

  • Tuesday, May 18, 2010
  • Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  • The daytime group meets at 12 noon ET (11 am Central, 10 am MT, 9 am Pacific)
  • The evening group meets at 8 pm ET (7 pm Central, 6 pm MT, 5 pm Pacific)

All classes will be recorded. If there is enough interest, new meeting times will be added.

Intentional Focus for the gatherings:

It is very important to me that from the get-go this is a powerful co-creative experience that insures ease-filled grace in every area of your life.

Each month we will explore a theme combined with inspired action. The first gathering of the month will be a one hour discussion of the theme along with experiential energetic alignments to insure the movement you want to see. The following 2 gatherings will be half hour sessions providing interactive group coaching with time for individual questions concerns.

*** Most importantly the group size will be limited to insure deep intimacy ***

Your Investment:

The “trust tribe” has been gathering throughout the month of April and lives are beginning to shift in powerful ways. Beyond this month’s gatherings, there was an initial vision to continue for an additional 5 months to truly embody and experience a trust-filled, satisfying, successful life…if there was enough interest. There is definitely interest to continue for the next 5 months.

Here are three ways that both current practitioners and new folks can join the on-going Trust Your Life adventure:

Choice # 1 - Join us or continue with the Trust Your Life gatherings on a month by month basis. With this choice, you get one of the support that includes a 1 hour-long class plus 2 half-hour support calls. (Your investment is simply $150 per month to continue month by month.)

Choice # 2 – Make a commitment for all 5 months and still just pay month by month. With a commitment to staying the course for the entire program, you not only get the 1 hour-long class and 2 half-hour support calls, but you also get *** a bonus of two 40 minute one-on-one individual coaching sessions *** with Max. (Again your investment is simply $150 per month to continue month by month with the five month commitment. With the month by month commitment option, the caveat is that if, for any reason you have to back out of your commitment, you will have to pay for any individual coaching support you have received with Max at her regular rate.)

Choice # 3 – For those of you who have the resource, if you pay in full for all 5 months, you will get the 1 hour-long class and 2 half-hour support calls, two 40 minute one-on-one individual coaching sessions, but also *** a bonus group 1 hour call insuring lots of individual attention *** and *** a $25 discount***. (Your investment is $725 for full payment.)

**** No matter what choice you make — This is a full month of transformational breakthroughs for the price of 1 individual session with me. ***

Let’s play:

So if you want to play in the co-creation of the Trust Your Life Gatherings and you have questions, concerns, insights, please contact me at [email protected].

3 choices for joining the Trust Your Life Teleclass Gathering:

Select a payment option:

Register for Trust Your Life program and pay month by month Choice # 1 - Join us or continue with the Trust Your Life gatherings on a month by month basis.
Register for Trust Your Life program, pay monthly with commitment for the 5 months Choice # 2 – Make a commitment for all 5 months and still just pay month by month.
Register for Trust Your Life program and pay in full Choice # 3 – For those of you who have the resource, if you pay in full for all 5 months

Here’s what current participants are saying about their experience in the
Trust Your Life gathering

“I understand that what I am being asked to do here is to release some very deep patterns that have been holding me back. I realise that I am in exactly the right place to learn this lesson – and doubtless many others. It’s tough because my ego is holding on hard to its view of how things have to be. And now I am so grateful for this class because you all reinforce for me the understanding that I’m not alone in this, that I am supported and I can trust myself – beyond my business partner’s lack of trust especially since he I are totally committed to working together and growing our business. I am reminded that I can stand still and calm in the whirlwind no matter what.” – JB

“I would love to stay in it for the months to come - it reallyfelt like the right "match". – EC

“I FEEL that I am actually in the process of integrating and moving toward the "who I truly AM". And the way you painted the container to me...all of a sudden...it clicked. It clicked and I was in this aha moment.... I get it now. My activation meter around money is way, way down..... And it's like all at once, the pieces are coming together, being drawn to me, by me, and landing right in my heart space.” – MH

Just consider what might be possible for YOU when you feel at peace in the center of your life trusting that all is well….

"I want you to wake up today!
If you believe that you will be complete after you find the right relationship, the better job, the bigger house, that hotter investment, the accomplishment of a particular goal,
you are asleep in the human dream of Maya, which is the sleep of human delusion.
Any such fulfillment is only temporary.
The quest of looking for wholeness outside of yourself is not the way it works.
It's an inside job !"

~ Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith,
(author of "Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential")